Three Shorewest, REALTORS® Sales Associates Named Rising Stars in Real Estate

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Shorewest, REALTORS® is proud to announce that three of our sales associates, Adam Loeffel, Stephanie Roehl and Laura Wendt, have been named Rising Starts in Real Estate by Milwaukee Business Times (BizTimes).

BizTimes’ inaugural Rising Stars in Real Estate are young, talented, individuals who are shaping high-profile commercial and residential real estate deals in southeastern Wisconsin. Many have brokered deals for and developed the region’s most recognizable properties. Others are helping to steer industry groups that are fostering the next generation of leadership in commercial and residential real estate and development.

Adam Loeffel

When Wisconsin native Adam Loeffel moved to New York to pursue a career in hospitality, he learned about the importance of customer service and quality. Those are two skills he carries with him today working in real estate.

“Adam’s level of professionalism, drive, and commitment to superior customer service is the reason why he should be named a Rising Star in Real Estate,” said Jaime Kristof, sales director of Shorewest’s Waukesha West office. “His ability to stay calm and find solutions in difficult circumstances is based on his background in high-pressure hospitality management and are skills that prove to be highly effective in our industry as well.”

Stephanie Roehl  

When Stephanie Roehl joined Shorewest Realtors in January of 2020, she had the goal of becoming the company’s Rookie of the Year. Roehl accomplished that goal and, according to colleagues, emerged as a leader in Shorewest’s Burlington office.  

“Stephanie’s willingness to learn, attention to detail and an unwavering focus on her clients are qualities that not only assure her a successful sales career, but also assures her the respect and admiration of other agents within our industry,” said Lyle Albro, sales director of the Burlington office.

Laura Wendt

When Laura Wendt became a full-time licensed real estate professional and joined Shorewest Realtors in November 2020, she brought more than 20 years of experience in account management, including building relationships, negotiating and problem solving. 

“The process of buying a home combines emotions and money – a real recipe for stress,” said Wendy Norem, assistant vice president and marketing director at Shorewest. “Laura guides her clients through the home buying and selling process in a way that eases their stress and paves the way for a smooth experience.”

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